We are here again today to share the word of God, without the word in your life you are in complete, so my fellow readers, it is necessary for us to equip our self with the word of God so that we can make progress in our Business, Family, Place of work, Finances, and Education. So therefore the word of God is the seed of God and the word carries Life. The word makes is the only thing that can make us what it talks about. Make this your habit every day Study and Meditate on the Word of God and you will be uplifted.
Now todays topic is on


This is another delicious delicacy to be added to your food library.
As the name implies, it is a combination of both Rice and Coconut.


(i) Water (ii) Rice (iii) Coconut (iv) Grounded pepper (v) Seasoning Cube (solid & liquid) (vi) Goat meat, Chicken or Fish (vii) Salt (viii) Onion (ix) Grounded Crayfish (x) Shrimps (dry or fresh ones).


Step 1. Break, separate the body of the Coconut from the shell and grate it.
Step 2. Pa-boil your Rice for 5minutes (for it to be half cooked)
Step 3. After grating your Coconut place your kettle on the cooker, put water in it, allow it to be warm.
Step 4. Turn the grated Coconut into a clean bowl, add the warm water and stir it very well.
Step 5. Sieve the mixture with the help of a clean filter, inorder to separate the shaft from the water.
Step 6. Turn the Coconut water into a clean pot, add 3 table spoon of pepper, a table spoon of salt, a bulb of chopped onions, crayfish, seasoning cube, and the steamed goat meat, chicken or smoked fish and shrimps.
Step 7. Place the pot on the cooker for it to steam for 3minutes before turning your half cooked Rice into the pot.
Step 8. Stir it very well and leave it for another 5minutes, after that open the pot and taste if all the ingredients are ok, if they are not, add anyone that is not enough to your taste, allow it for 5-10minutes.
Then you can now put it down.

* As soon as you finish grating the coconut, pa-boil your Rice, and it should not be completely cooked (the Rice)
* If you are to use smoked fish break it into smaller piece and remove all the bones in it including the gills from the head of the fish.
* if you are to use goat meat or chicken wash them very well and cut them into your desired quantity, and steam them.
* always peel the shell of your shrimps, cut the head and tail off, then steam it with every other ingredients needed such as the pepper, salt, onion, seasoning cube e.t.c
* you can as well use a blended fresh pepper in case you do not want to use the dry pepper.

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your comments are welcome. God Bless you all.


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