We are grateful to God for the gift of Life he has given unto us, this is our month of more grace. We are excelling marvelously in life because we have the salvation. Thank God we all made it into this month, therefore in every situation (good or bad) we have to give thanks to God.
I bring to you a wonderful meal today, i hope you will learn something new in your library. Today we are discussing on


Banga soup as it is widely know in Pigin English is also called “Efere Abak” in the Akwa-Cross Region.
The two most important ingredients used in preparing this soup are
(1) Atama leaf
(2) Palm Fruit (Eyop)
these two ingredients are highly medicinal, the first one is rich in Vitamins. While the second one is very rich in Vitamin A which takes care of brightening the sight in Human body.
Due to its’ great importance in the Human body, you would not want to miss this great and tasteful soup in your cooking Diary.

(i) Water (ii) Atama (iii) Palm fruit (eyop) (iv) Stock fish (v) Perewinkle (vi) Beef (vii) salt (viii) Dry fish (any one of your choice) (ix) Onion (x) Uyayak (xi) Grounded Crayfish (xii) Grounded pepper (xiii) Seasoning Cube (xix) Kpomo (Cow Skin) (xx) Dry or Fresh Shrimps.


Step 1. Slice the (Atama leaf) into smaller piece and pound or grind it.
Step 2. Cut, and wash the beef, kpomo (cow skin), stock fish, dry fish, perewinkle, and dry or fresh shrimps thoroughly.
Step 3. Steam the ingredients mentioned in step 2 with a table spoon of salt, a cup of water (750ml), 2 table spoon of pepper, seasoning cube (liquid or solid), half sliced onion, exception of the perewinkle and shrimps for about 5minutes.
Step 4. Wash your palm fruit and put it in a clean pot, add some quantity of water and a spoonful of salt, then place it 5-10minutes on the cooker for it to boil.
Step 5. Get your mortar and pestle Cleaned up, after that scoop the cooked palm fruit from the pot and put it in the mortar and pound it till the flesh is separated from the body.
Step 6. Boil your water, then use it in washing the pounded palm fruit, add a little cold water to it, if it is too hot.
Step 7. Separate the palm fruit from the water by sieving it with your filter (the basket type) medium size.
Step 8. Turn the sieved palm fruit into a clean pot and do away with the shaft.
Step 9. Put the pot of the palm fruit on the fire and add all the ingredients that were steamed, immediately add the grounded cray fish, fresh or dry shrimps, perewinkle, and uyayak, also add add some salt, pepper and seasoning cube according to your taste allow it to steam for 5minutes.
Step 10. Add your Atama leaf as the last ingredient and stir it very well,cover the pot and allow it to steam for additional 3-5minutes before putting it down.

N/B: All the ingredients should be according to the quantity you want them to be( meaning that you get to determine the exact quantity you are to use base on how you want it) most especially the Atama leaf and palm fruit. e.t.c

* In order for the Banga soup to be thick, you must always get a palm fruit that is fleshy (the one that has a small seed and much or thick body on the outside.
* To detect the fleshy one from the one that is not fleshy is by picking one and bitting it with your inscissor teeth, when it get stuck in your teeth know that it is a good one, but if it does not know that it is the bad one and it is not suitable for cooking this particular soup.

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