Once again, i welcome you readers to this wonderful blog, its’ not by my power but by the spirit of God that’s why am here today again with you all. There are some things we do not need to joke with in our daily lives, and that is the Word of God, because it is that Word that can mould or break us, His Word is a strong tower that can not be easily broken. So we have to take the things of God serious and important in life. Todays’ discussion is on
“How To Cook Ekpangkukwo”
the most popular dish eaten by the people from the South-South such as, the Cross rivers and the akwa ibomite. lets get on track


(i) Coco yam (ii) Water yam (iii) Coco yam leaf (iv) palm oil (v) seasoning cube (vi) salt (vii) onion (viii) grounded pepper (ix) grounded cray fish (x) kpomo (cow skin) (xi) smoked dry fish (xii) perewinkle

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