Always appreciate God for the good works He has done for you and your family, at least if not for anything for the air you breath, because it is not easy, why am i saying this, Now here’s my own testimony. Last week Saturday i went for rehearsals in my church, on my way back home a bike man ran into the bike myself and my church member took, unfortunately for the devil what he planned was not exactly what happened, the devil planned on killing us but instead, i had my right hand broken and my church member had a minor scratch on his knee, well i give God thanks because my hand is getting better now. Therefore give God the glory cause you never can tell the battle He has fought or the one he is still fighting for you.
Todays Topic is on “How To Cook Fresh Fish Soup”

Fresh fish is a fish that is being gotten from the high sea, such as Cat fish, Shine nose, Crocker, Tilapia, Red snapped, Yellow tail, e.t.c
It can be eaten with Swallows such as, Eba (garri), Fufu (akpu), Semovita, Plantain flour, the list are endless.
There are two methods when preparing this soup, the methods are
(i) Fried oil method (ii) cooked oil method.
I will be taking you on the first method which is the “Fried oil method”. The second method will be discussed in Subsequent Posts.

(i) Water (ii) Fresh fish (iii) Palm oil (350ml)1/2 bottle (iv) Fresh pepper (v) Seasoning cube (vi) Salt (vii) Onion (viii) Fresh shrimp

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