Ewedu soup is one of the most popular native soup of the people of yoruba, it is a soup eaten with Amala, semovita, eba e.t.c. But the yoruba people prefer eating it with Amala at most.

(i)Water (2-3 Cups), (ii) Ewedu leaf (Corchorus Olitorius), (iii) 1/2 teaspoon powdered potash, (iv) Blended crayfish, (v) Iru (fermented locus beans), (vi) Ewedu broom (local broom used in mashing it), (vii) Salt, (viii) grounded crayfish.

Step 1. Wash the leaves properly to remove sands.
Step 2. Pour about 2-3 cups of water into a clean cooking pot, heat to boil.
Step 3. Add the add the washed ewedu leaves, the potash (to soften the leaves), cook it for 8-10minutes.
Step 4. Use the cooking broom to mash (or pound it) continuously inside the pot, it will turn the leaves into tiny pieces after mashing for 5minutes.
Step 5. Mash the brown locus beans with the broom once the leaves get soft.
Step 6. Add the grounded cray fish, a little salt, seasoning cube, and pepper to taste.
Step 7. You can now bring the pot down and serve the Ewedu soup along side Fish Stew.
Hmmm!!! what a delicious dish


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