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As Children of God born in the likeness of Christ, one of the features of our recreated Human Spirit is Love.
When you have that feature in you, you would’nt judge or slander others.
Never tell stories that will make your hearers dislike those you are talking about, for it is wrong to do that.
Lets take a look at this scripture and see what it talks about, Luke 6:37 it says ” Judge not, and ye shall be judged: Condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven. What this scripture is trying to say is that, it is wrong to Condemn and Judge others even when they are not doing the right thing, because when you condemn and judge others God ignores you.
Also you should forgive those who offend you, so that other people you offend may as well forgive you.
So my fellow readers we are to act like Jesus.
Give a good picture about others; don’t be the one to project them in a bad light.
your role is to propagate Love, because today is a very special day that is being set aside to celebrate the birth of Christ.
Back to the order of the day on the topic “HEALTHY EATING PART 2”
Previously i discussed about, Water and Exercise, today i will throw more light on other two Sub-topic, which are
1. Carbohydrate Food
2. Proteinous Food

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