I welcome you all readers on board to the year 2015.
this year brings to you Divine health, prosperity, success, and happiness, because you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood, called forth of God to show His divinity on humanity. Therefore my beloved readers/friends, it is something to shout about for making it into this glorious 2015, for Christ in you is the hope of tomorrow. For this reason i urge you to always bless His Name for Preserving your life and that of your family throughout last year, and that this year will be better than last year.
Today i will be discussing something new and very special that we normally ignore in our daily life, and the name is hygiene.
The topic is
Majority of us Nigerians are after eating, while about 20% are conscious of what they eat, and smaller fraction are concern about the Hygiene aspect of what they eat, where it is being prepared and the environment as a whole (as in the kitchen/home).
In simple terms; Hygiene can be seen as the act of keeping yourself, what you eat and your environment clean in order to prevent disease or illness.
When talking about hygiene, we are referring to a wide subject, such as, (i) Home hygiene, (ii) Garden, (iii) Food hygiene (iv) Health hygiene etc. But for the purpose of this post, i would only concentrate on ” Home hygiene” which involves the “Kitchen, bedroom, sitting room etc
There are things needed in order to keep ones home hygienic, such as, Germicide, Disinfectant, Insecticide, Anti bacterial, Liquid soups etc.
Today, am starting with Germicide.
As we all know, Germicide is a chemical substance that destroys germs and bacteria e.g “Izal”
It is used in cleaning of Kitchen, Toilet, Bathroom e.t.c
It is necessary for us to use Germicide always in cleaning the floor of our Homes, most especially the “Kitchen”.
Since it happens to be the place we stay or use, when preparing the food we eat.
Below are some preventive measure to be taken to maintain a hygienic Kitchen.

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