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Today i will be discussing ” How To Cook White Soup”

White soup as it is called is one of the most popular soup in the Akwa-Cross Region.

It is also called Afia Efere in both Akwa Ibom and Cross River State.
It is easy to prepare, but at the same time it plays a big tricks on you when you do not know how to cook it well.

(i) Goat meat
(ii) Cray fish
(iii) Water
(iv) Salt
(v) Seasoning cube
(vi) Uyayak
(vii) Coco yam
(viii) A bulb of onion
(ix) Pepper (fresh or dry).

Step 1. Peel, wash and grate a piece of Coco yam with a clean grater, and put it in a clean bowl then cover it to avoid insects from perching on it.

Step 2. Prepare the Goat meat, wash and cut it into smaller quantity (depending on how you want it), then wash it and put it in a clean pot add a half sliced onion, pepper, salt, seasoning cube and a little water to steam it for 8minutes.

Step 3. After steaming the meat, add some quantity of what that you will use to prepare the soup, allow it to steam, then you can now add the cray fish, some seasonings to taste and the Uyayak, allow to steam for 30seconds.

Step 4. Put the grated Coco yam bit by bit inorder to thicken the soup, cook for extra 5minutes before putting it down.
you can serve it with Pounded yam, Eba, Fufu, e.t.c

* You can as well use Fresh fish, or Chicken to prepare the soup, but the most preferrer is the one of Goat meat.

In the case of the Uyayak, cut it into pieces, wash it properly before using it to cook.
the water to be used in preparing the soup is being determined by you.

The Coco yam is the thickner that makes the soup to be thick, so the thickness of the soup is determined by you.


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