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Am very excited to have each and everyone of us here on board, for its’ not by our power nor by our might, but by the Love and Mercy of God thats’ why we all are alive today.

Did you know that as individuals, God can use you all to impact not just your immediate environment, but the whole nation and ultimately the whole world.

Always say to yourself, ” I am born to make a difference in the world of my time”.
Many of us thinks that the development of our nation or the improvement of our environment is a task mainly for the government, no; its’ a collective responsibility.

You are to make your impact felt in your world.
it may be in your community, school, place of work, or any place you find yourself.

Always look out for a need and reachout to meet that need.
So my Beloved Readers, make a difference in your world today, have a personal commitment to serve.

Improve the lives of those around you through your actions.
Most importantly commit this Nation Nigeria into the hands of God, that who ever emerges as the President of this nation, should be the right person and that every form of violence during this upcoming election should be taken away, that peace should be instilled in the nation.

Todays’ delicacy is on “How To Cook Amala”.
Amala is one of the most popular food eaten by the people from the Western part of the country(the yoruba’s).

Amala is a food made from a white powder which comes from dried and pulverished Okorondo (mini yam).

(i) Yam flour
(ii) Boiling water

Step 1. Add a cup of water in the Sauce pan (pot), place it on heat (fire).

Step 2. Add some cups of the yam flour (depending on the quantity you want to prepare.

Step 3. Use a wooden stick that is strong to pound and then mix the water and the powder thoroughly by making quick and heavy movements, if well mixed and heated, the powder turns dark grey color.

Step 4. When the water dries up, add some more hot water from a cup, then wait for it to boil, before using the mixer to mix it well.

Step 5. Keep adding water bit by bit and pound till the Amala is at a consistency that is thick and silky.

* You should be able to prepare this food under 5minutes, if you add more pounding strength.

* Inorder to get what you are doing right, mix the mixture by pounding or by stirring it round, round, up and down, left and right, so as to get an accurate mixture.

* Boil the water before you mix it with the powder so as to get a consistency that is thick and not too sticky and silky.

* It is better to add water bit by bit rather than adding them all at once, so that it does not give you a poor mark.

* While mixing the mixture use hot water instead of cold water so that it can come out well.
You can serve the Amala with Ewedu soup, or any Other soup of your choice.


2 thoughts on “HOW TO COOK AMALA”

  1. wonderful, how come you know how to prepare amala, keep it up, you really have something to offer you know.


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