Today is the day the Lord has made for us to be happy, and He has given us the Authority over every situation, He has made us triumph over all situation. So beloved no matter any situation you find yourself always speak forth change to that situation through the Word of God, cause he has given us the Word to conquer every situation. Always remember to commit this nation to the hands of God, that this nation will be as peaceful as it has always be.
Today’s topic is on ” How To Cook Okra Soup”
Okra soup is one of Nigerian’s most popular soup, that is being eaten with stew.

(i) Water (ii) Beef/Chicken (iii) Tin-Tomatoes/ Fresh Tomatoes (iv) Seasoning Cube (v) Salt (vi) Fresh pepper (vii) Shaki/Pomo (viii) Onions (ix) Vegetable oil (x) Okra

Step 1. Wash, and chop your okra.
Step 2. Wash the Beef/Chicken and Shaki/pomo very well, then cut it into medium size, put it into a sauce pan, add pepper, salt, seasoning cube, onion, e.t.c steam for 5minutes.
Step 3. Place another sauce pan on heat, allow to be hot, then add some vegetable oil to the hot pan, defoliate, chop your onion and add to the hot oil, along side the fresh and tin tomatoes, stir properly before adding other of the ingredients.
Step 4. Add the stocks to the pan, and stir very well, allow to simmer, then cover the pot for 5-8minutes, then bring it down.
Step 5. Place a different pan on heat, add a little water to the pan then add the chopped okra to the pan, allow to simmer till it is well cook, then you bring it down.
You can now serve with your already prepared stew.


1 thought on “HOW TO COOK OKRA SOUP”

  1. wow!!! i love this post, i would love you to teach me more, am kind of interested in your post.


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