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It is a good thing to see each one of us day in day out, that is why it is very very important to acknowledge the Name of the Father, for all His protection, and guidiance towards our life and that of our familiy, for it is not ny our own power, neither is itby our might, but for His Love and mercy upon our life.
That is why He wants us to worship Him in truth and in spirit, so my fellow readers i urge you to dedicate much time in the things of God, rather than things that are less important.
Todays post is on ” How To Cook Gbegiri Soup”
Gbegiri soup as the name implies is a native food to the Yoruba’s.
At the sane time it is a food gotten from beans.

(i) Beans (white/brown)
(ii) Potash
(iii) Onions
(Iv) Pepper
(v) Palm oil
(vi) Seasoning cube
(vii) Salt
(viii) Water

1. Wash your hands with soap and clean water.
2. Soak the beans in a clean big bowl with water, for 20minutes, wash and seperate the shaft from the body, then pour it inside the clean pan and place on heat, add a little, half teaspoon of powderer potash.
2. Stir and cook for 10-15minutes, untill the beans is well cooked and ready for mashing, after that use a neat strong shot broom to mash it till it is soft enough (there is a broom that is used for preparing ewedu, that is the same broom you are to use) the reason for this is just to grind the already cooked beans to a seedless soft puddy.
Step 3. Place a pan on heat, add the 10-15cl of palm oil (or less than), allowit to heat before adding the shredded onions, mashed beans, pepper, seasoning cube, salt, iru, and allow to simmer for 5minutes then put it down.
How Do You Feel Having This Wonderful Meal In Your Food Library.
Do not forget that you can serve it with Amala, Fufu, and Eba.


4 thoughts on “HOW TO COOK GBEGIRI SOUP”

  1. what a great post, you kill it girl, you really know how to cook yoruba food, it seems like you have been there before. Keep up the good work my dear.


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