Todays message is “NEVER ALONE”
As children of God, you’re never alone; you’ve never been, and will never walk alone as long as you have Holy Spirit in you.
He lives in, and with you-not for a time, but for all time.
Part of Holy Spirit’s ministry in your life is to stay in fellowship with you, strengthening your faith and stirring up courage in you to do the will of God, and fulfil your calling.
So beloved, Encourage the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit in your life through your conscious appreciation of His indwelling and abiding presence.
Any time you feel you’re alone or as though you’re not makink impact the way you ought to, remember and recognize that the Holy Spirit is in, and with you.
Recognize that your Father ( the Holy Spirit) lives in you; He’s much more than an influence, a prophecy or an inspiration; He’s your Father, your guide and your keeper.
Trust Him with yor life and you’ll always be a success.
He’s the true keeper: the one you can rely on, and trust, to brind you out of any difficult situation.
So be steady in the Word.

Todays post is on “How To Cook Beans” ( palm oil)
Beans is a delicious delicacy in Nigeria, and it is eaten by people from different part of Nigeria, it is easy and fast to prepare.
(i) Water (ii) Beans (iii) Salt (iv) Seasoning cube (v) Palm oil (vi) 1 bulb of Onions (vii) Pepper (dry or blended fresh)

Step 1. Place a clean pan on heat, add water and place on heat.
Step 2. Select and wash the beans, then add it to the pan on heat.
Step 3. Slice your onion, blend the pepper if it is fresh.
Step 4. If the beans is well cooked (soft enough), sieve out the water, then put it back in the pan and place on heat.
Step 5. Add the sliced onion, pepper, seasoning cube, a pinch of salt, then stir very well and allow to simmer for 5minutes.
Step 6. Add a little quantity of oil to the beans and stir, allow to heat for 8-10minutes, before putting it down.


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