Today’s message is “TAKE HIM AT HIS WORD” Isaiah 55:11 says “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which i please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto i sent it.
My fellow readers what this scripture says is that, God gave us His word, so that we can live by it.
His word is not only an account of History or Prophecy, but of the Revelation of His will, nature, character and His Eternal purpose for man.
Therefore Gods word is His answer to whatever challenges anyone might be facing.
So embrace Gods word and key into a life of beauty, glory, rest, success, health and prosperity.
Todays post is on “How To Cook Classic Fried Rice”

i. Rice
ii. Chicken
iii. Chicken stock
iv. Vegetable oil / butter
v. Green beans
vi. Cucumber
vii. Spring onions
viii. White onions
ix. County onions
x. Curry
xi. Green pepper
xii. Chilli pepper
xiii. Thyme
xiv. Pepper
xv. Seasoning cube
xvi. Seasoning flavour
xvii. Carrot
xviii. Salt
xix. Ginger
xx. Garlic
xxi. Turmeric or fried rice spice
xxii. Sweet corn
xxiii. Red kidney beans
xxiv. Hot dogs
xxv. Farrow’s peas
xxvi. Chilli powder

1. Cut your chicken into medium quantity and wash it with salt, and then rince with clean water, put it in a pan, add thyme, blended pepper, grated ginger and garlic, chilli powder, curry, chicken flavour, chicken seasoning, turmeric(little), onions, seasoning cube, with a little quantity of water, stir all the ingredients properly.
2. Place your pan on heat then cover for 15-20minutes for everything to be well steamed, after that add 2 cups of water and allow it for 3minute, so as to get the stock.
3. Scrape the carrot, wash it with salt and slice into cubbed shape.
4. Wash and defoliate the spring onion, county onion and white onion, then slice the spring and county onion into a cubbed shape, and the slice the white onion into a shunk shape.
5. Wash and peel the green beans and cucumber then slice the cucumber into a cubbed shape, and slice the green beans.
6. Wash and deseed both the chilli pepper and the green pepper and slice into tiny cubbed shape.
7. Wash the sweet corn, farrow’s peas, red kidney beans and hot dog, then slice the hot dog to any shape of your choice.
8. Wash your rice with salt and clean water then sieve it out and place a pan on heat, when the pan dries grease it with little water, and county onion then stir fry the onion for 1minute.
9. Add the turmeric alongside the rice, keep stirring, while stirring it, add the curry, seasoning cube, etc.

1. Place a pan on heat, add the vegetable oil, add little salt when the oil is hot, then carefully stir fry the hot dogs and the white onions, add the spring onions and stir fry also.
2. Add the cucumber, seasoning cube, carrot, chilli pepper, curry, green pepper, spring onions leaf, vegetable flavour and stir aftera while add the sweet corn, red kidney beans, farrow’s peas, then mix very well.
Add the green beans and stir.
Taste if all ingredients are to taste, if they are not add more.
Place the rice on heat, now add the fried vegetables to the rice and mix very well.
WELL DONE!!! You can now serve your rice.

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1. Do you know why the Rice is wash with salt?
2. Is there any difference between this particular fried rice and others?
Your comments and contribution is needed, so as to clearify this.



  1. Wow, so am opportune to know how to prepare a standard fried rice not just d local type. I would definatly cook this meal.


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