Kitchen Hygiene



Todays’ message is ” THE DILIGENT BEARS RULE” and its’ taken from the book of proverbs 12:24 which says that ” The hand of the diligent shall bear rule; but the slothful shall be under tribute”
Just as diligence brings you before king and honour, slothfulness leads to poverty and self-imposed servitude.
Therefore be diligent in all you do and pay attention to details.
Be a Man or Woman of dignity, integrity and honour.
Lets’ head to the main business, the topic for today is

As i discussed earlier, it is very important we stick to the habit of keeping our homes and its surroundings clear.
Today, i will concentrate on the Kitchen and the ways of preparing Hygienic Meals.
In simple terms, kitchen as we all know, is a place where we carryout Food Activities (both the preparation of the food ingredient and cooking).
Before cooking, there are some rules we need to observe inorder to be sure that our meals are well prepared, they are as follow.
1. Put on your Apron and the head vail (clean apron and its head vail), when you are in the kitchen.

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2 thoughts on “KITCHEN/HOME HYGIENE (PART 2)”

  1. Yes i agree with you, is very necessary to keep our home clean, most especially where our foods are being prepared.


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