Todays message says “Know Your Purpose In Him”
The Bible reading is taken from the book of John 18:37 and i read “To this end was i born, and for this cause came i into the World”
To know your purpose in Him is very essencial cause He is Our Master Communicator, therefore ask of Him your purpose on this planet earth, and He will communicate directly to you in a language you wouldn’t understand.
All you need to do is to say “Lord guide my Spirit, i want to be all that you want me to be, lead me into that which you have chosen me for” after saying so follow your Spirit, as He leads you.
So this is the reason you must find out your purpose in Him and know for yourself what directions to take in fulfiling the destiny He has for you.
Thats why we learn the Word of God, and get inspiration of the Holy Spirit in our life.
The more you recognize His voice within your Spirit, understand His Word, and live by it, the clearer His Voice will be within you for everything in life.

Todays post is on “How To Cook Atama Soup”

I. Water
II. Atama leaf
III. Palm oil
IV. Beef
V. Seasoning cube

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