Todays message says ” YOU ARE ABOVE ALL THINGS”
Which means that God has put all things under the feet of Jesus (Ephesians 1:22).
Our opening scripture lets us know that all the things of this world are under our feet, and that we raise strong and tall against all situation if only we Speak the Word of God with boldness and see it come to pass.
Which means the world and the fullness thereof has been given to you.
Therefore Beloved, be bold to possess the Earth, because the rulership is in your hands.
Exercise dominion and take charge of your life.

Todays post is on HOW TO COOK MOI-MOI

Moi-moi is a food in which you can eat at any given point in time, be it breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it is a light food that is rice in protein. And it is eaten in every part of the world.

i. Beans
ii. Corn beef (optional)
iii. Fress fish (optional)
iv. Boiled eggs
v. Salt to taste
vi. Onions
vii. Tatashe
viii. Cray fish
ix. Seasoning cube
x. Vegetable oil


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