Proverbs 4:23 says
Keep thy heart with all diligence: for out of it are the issues of life.
What this means is that, you should carefully and conscientiously watch and guard what goes into your heart.
God’s purpose in your life is programmed into your heart.
So my belove readers, God wants you to guard your heart diligently because there are things that can come into your heart to change or destroy His programming of good and excellence in you. On the other hand, there are things that can come into your heart to enable, enhance, and sustain all the glorious things He’s already programmed into your life.
Everything you would ever be, every where you would ever go, everything you would ever do to please God in your life, have all been programmed into your heart-your spirit-and He has given you the responsibility to do all that is necessary to keep your heart that way.
Therefore He has made you constructor of your life.

Todays post is on, RECIPES OF EDITAN SOUP
As we all know, this is one of the native soup of the Akwa-Cross Region, this soup can be eaten with swallows such as, Eba, Fufu, Semovita, e.t.c.
It is a soup if prepared well, taste like Afang soup.

i. Water
ii. Seasoning cube
iii. Salt
iv. Cray fish
v. Pepper
vi. Palm oil
vii. Onion (1 bulb)
viii. Perewinkle
ix. Cow skin
x. Water leave
xi. Smoked fish
xii. Editan leave

Step 1. Wash and slice the water leave, then cover and set aside.
Step 2. Cut the perewinkle (the head and tail) then wash it with salt and clean water.
Step 3. Wash your beef and stock fish with salt and clean water, add in a sauce pan, add pepper, seasoning cube, salt to taste, half sliced onion, and little water, then steam it for 5-10minutes.
Step 4. Wash and slice the editan leave, place a pan on heat, add water, then add the editan leave to the water allow to boil for 8minute.
Step 5. After boiling for 8minutes, get a big bowl and a sieve, wash the editan till its no longer bitter again then sieve it and set aside.
Step 6. Set a heat, after that place a pan on it, add the water leave, cray fish, seasoning cube, perewinkle, onion, stir fry for 5seconds, then add the stock together with the well steamed beef and stock fish, smoked fish, pepper, cow skin, salt to taste, stir and cover for 3minutes.
Step 7. Add the palm oil, allow for extra 2minutes, before adding the editan leave stir all the ingredients together to be well mixed.
Step 8. Correct your seasonings by adding the ones that are not enough. Then bring it down and serve with any swallows of your choice.

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your comments and question are welcome.
Happy Week End In Advance.


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