Todays message says ” VICTORY ASSURED”
and the test is taken from the book of John 16:33 and it says, These things i have spoken unto you that in me ye might have peace, in the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; i have over come the world.
So when adversities come, do not gripe; rather, maintain your composure because your victory is assured.
The Lord Jesus made it clear that we would face tribulations, challenges and difficulties, and no one should be ignorant of that. Nevertheless, He assures us of victory all the way.
There are things you might have to go through in life. But in the midst of them all, the word of God puts you over. Therefore refuse to fear, for the Lord is with you.

Today we will be discussing on ” The Recipes Of Goatmeat Pepper Soup”
Pepper soup is one of the soup that is prepared in various country, and can as well be eaten with boiled yam, plantain and rice.

i. Goatmeat
ii. Fresh pepper
iii. Onions
iv. Salt
v. Seasoning Cube
vi. Nutmeg
vii. Garlic
viii. Water To Cook
ix. Goatmeat Seasoning
x. Spicy Leaf (Scent Leaf)


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