Todays message says “MAKE THINGS HAPPEN”
Philippians 4:13 says
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Being born again, you have the ability of christ in you to determine what you want in your life. Therefore never allow yourself to be a victim of circumstances.
Apply Faith in God’s word to deal with situations and challenges. Subdue, tame and rule your world for Jesus Christ. Keep making things happen in the kingdom of God.

Todays post is on, “JELLOF RICE AND BEANS”

i. Water
ii. Rice
iii. Beans
iv. Seasoning Cube
v. Pepper
vi. Salt
vii. Smoked Fish
viii. Onion
ix. Cray Fish
x. Palm Oil

1. Remove the gills and bones from the smoked fish and then piece it.
2. Defoliate, wash and slice the onions.
3. Select your beans, (ensure that there is no dirt found in it), wash and put in a clean pan, add water and then place on heat, cover and allow for as long as it takes for it to be a bit softer.
4. Check if the beans is a bit softer, if it is, sieve out the water, then add another water to the beans, place on heat, and wash the Rice with salt (to avoid too much starch), then add it to the beans on heat, allow to cook for 10-15minutes or less than that.
5. If the rice and beans are soft enough, then add the ingredients, such as the, cray fish, pepper, smoked fish, seasoning cube, onion, salt(little), palm oil, mix them very well and allow to simmer for 5minutes.
6. Open the pan, taste if the pepper, seasoning cube, cray fish, and salt are to taste, if they are not, add more, then allow for 1minutes.

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