“LIFE HAS COME” is the message for today.
These things have i written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life. (1 John 5:13).
The one who is in Christ is born into the triumphant life. God wants us to know that eternal life is available to all men, and those who believe in Jesus receive it. His life in you makes you indomitable! Light has come into you now, and darkness is gone.

Today’s post is on the “Recipes Of Yoruba Stew”.

Yoruba stew is mostly eaten by people from the yoruba tribe, it is some times served and eaten with White Rice, Ewedu soup alongside Amala, wheat flour, semovita, e.t.c

i. Tin-tomato
ii. Fresh tomato
iii. Tatashe
iv. Shaki/pormo
v. Seasoning cube
vi. Salt
vii. Onion
viii. Palm oil
ix. Curry
x. Thyme
xi. Fish (fresh)
xii. Garlic
xiii. Ginger
xiv. Beef (optional)
xv. Pepper


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5 thoughts on “RECIPES OF YORUBA STEW”

  1. Hi, Your passion for what you write comes through! Do you mind if I ask a question? Do you have a photo of the recipe so people can see how great it will look, really appetizing, once it’s made? Most of the recipes I’ve seen have photos. I hope you don’t mind my suggestion. I thought you wanted my feedback.

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