God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).
Its possible to be in God’s presence and not know it. God is a master communicator he communicates with you in a language the person close to you may not understand, so that’s the more reason you must train yourself to be sensitive to Him, so you’d always hear Him when He speaks.

In today’s post i Will be showing you how to prepare Powder Custard for Home use.

Custard Powder: is mostly a corn flour or starch, that is dried into a powder form and its been coloured, flavoured and sweetened. Depending on the brand, such as, Bird Custard, Banana Custard e.t.c.
Custard powder is very rich in Carbohydrate since it is being derive from starchy food.
It also contain some amount of Fat, Protein and Sugar (not refined sugar). Custard is also good for weight watchers.
And can be taken as Breakfast and dinner.

i. Corn starch or Cassava starch or both (Ratio=8:2)
ii. Granulatated Sugar
iii. Powdered Milk
iv. Salt (optional)
v. Flavouring ( vanilla, strawberry, banana etc)
vi. Yolk
vii. Colouring (yellow, pink, white etc)
viii. Preservative (sodium benzoate)


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2 thoughts on “HOME MADE CUSTARD”

  1. Wow! Am forced to look at dis post Cus i love to take custard but now i can make it even though am a male i will learn how to cook some of them. Thanks dear for dis info i really appreciate. Why dont you post some with pix it will really help us a long way. And pls can u teach on how to make cake if you have hknowledge about it. Hope to hear from u soon.


  2. Hello Micheal, Concerning the issue of pics, i will be posting them from time to time but not always. Very soon i will write about how to prepare different kind of cakes, just be visiting the blog regularly and don’t fail to share with your friends. Bye for now


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