Hebrews 3:1 say, “wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus.
In the face of staggering oppositions, refuse to flinch or cower. Maintain your faith-filled confession by declaring who you are according to the Word. It may be some trouble with your health, finances, or at your job; refuse to talk fear or unbelief. Very firmly, faithfully, and courageously speak the word of God concerning such situations, and you will definitely come out victorious.

Today we will be discussing on “Melon Soup” the B part which happens to be the water method

i. Water
ii. Melon (grounded)
iii. Bitter leaf
iv. Salt
v. Seasoning cube
vi. Pepper
vii. Onion
viii. Crayfish
ix. Dry fish
x. Kanda
xi. Perewinkle (optional)
xii. Palm oil (350ml)
xiii. Beef

1. Prepare the kanda, beef, fish and perewinkle, wash with warm water and clean cold water then add in a sauce pan exception of the perewinkle, then steam it for 5-10minutes.
2. Wash and slice the bitter leaf, then put in a clean bowl, set aside, (ensure its not too bitter).
3. Place a clean pan on heat, add the stock used in preparing the ingredients such as, kanda, fish, and beef, in a pan, add cray fish, add the well blended or grounded melon, stir for 30seconds, add oil, allow to steam for 5minutes, add the beef, kanda fish and perewinkle to the pan on heat, stir for 1minutes.
4. Wash and add the bitter leaf allow for extra 30seconds-1minutes. Taste to know if the ingredients such as the, salt, pepper, seasoning cube are to taste if they are not, add more, allow for 30seconds then set aside.
Serve with eba, semovita, fufu, wheat etc.

Happy week-end to you all.

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