Romans 12:2 states that, “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Your are the character of your thoughts. If you are negatively programmed as a result of thinking wrongly, all you need is to change your way of thinking; renew your mind with the Word.
Let the Word dwell in you richly, and meditate on it day and night.

The Post Of The Day Is “BROWN RICE”

i. Rice
ii. Shrimps/Prown
iii. Browning
iv. Tomato paste
v. Onions (county and white)
vi. Chilli pepper
vii. Green pepper
viii. Shrimps seasoning powder/flavour
ix. Ginger
x. Garlic
xi. Salt
xii. Butter
xiii. African nutmeg
xiv. Pepper
xv. Water to cook
xvi. Chinese Soy sauce
xvii. Chilli powder
xviii. Seasoning cube
xix. Vegetable oil for frying
xx. Cucumber for garnishing

1. Shunk the shrimps, wash it with salt and clean water, then put in a clean pan add little pepper, shrimp seasoning powder/flavour, onions, ginger, garlic, seasoning cube, add little water and steam for 3minutes.
2. Defoliate and wash the county onion, white onion, slice both the county onion and white onion in cubbed shape, then Mince the white onion.
3. Deseed the green pepper and chilli pepper, wash and cut in cubbed shape.
4. Get a clean pan, add little water to it, add the tomato paste and stir very well, place on heat for 2minutes, after that add the browning stir again, add soy sauce stir for 3minutes.
5. Place another pan on heat, allow for 30seconds, grease the pan with butter, when the oil is hot add the white onion, salt, stir fry it, add the well washed rice and stir very well till it becomes chrimpsy.
6. Add the browning/soy sauce and tomato paste to the rice, add water, stir for properly, immediately add the shrimp stocks and stir.
7. Add the county, pepper, part of the shrimp, shrimp flavour, stir, add African nutmeg, chilli pepper. Taste to know if all recipes are to taste, if they are not add more.
8. Check if the water added in the rice will be sufficient, to see to the softness of the rice, if not sufficient add more water little by little.
9. Place a fry pan on heat, add little vegetable oil for frying the remaining part of the shrimp, after frying set in a cooler.
10. As soon as the rice is soft enough and the water dries up add the green pepper, stir and allow for 1minutes, then bring it down.
11. Grease the brown rice with little vegetable oil, after that serve into a plate and garnish with the fried open shrimp, sliced onion (in a circular shape), fresh pepper ( circular shape), and cucumber sliced in a circular form.

Your feedbacks are welcome as well as your comments/contribution


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