1 Corinthian 6:20 says, For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.
If you are born again, you do not own yourself anymore; you belong to jesus, for He bought you with a price (His precious blood). Thus you are now a love-slave to Jesus. You are to live for Him and let Him have the prominence in your life.

Today is on “How To Prepare Pounded Coco-Yam (Utara Ede)

Pounded coco-yam is popularly Called Utara Ede by people from the Eastern part of Nigeria, and it can be served with any kind of soup.

Materials Needed
i. Knife
ii. Bowl
iii. Raw Coco-yam
iv. Water
v. Mortar/pistol or Pounding machine
vi. Wooden spoon for cleaning and removing the pounded yam

1. Peel your raw coco-yam, wash it properly, add in a clean pan, along side water, set the heat and place the pan on heat for 10-15minutes.
2. Open the pan after 15minutes check to know if the coco-yam is well cooked, if it is bring it down.
3. Get set your mortar or pounding machine, now use a wooden spoon to scoop the coco-yam into the mortar or pounding machine, now start pounding it.
4. Pound till it is well smooth (meaning no seeds are found in it), bring it out and then roll it into your desired shape.
It is ready for serving.
Serve and eat with any soup.

Happy week-end ahead.
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