God wants you to tell those who aren’t in Christ that there’s a life better than what they know and have; and that life is “The Good Life In Christ”.

Back to the main post of the day, i will be posting on one of the most popular and delicious chops eaten in most part of Africa and that chop is called “NKWOBI”.

i. Cow tail/foot
ii. Potash (Akanwu)
iii. Palm oil
iv. Cray fish
v. Utazi leaf
vi. Onion
vii. Pepper
viii. Salt
ix. Seasoning cube
x. Goat meat seasoning (optional)
xi. Native nutmeg (ehu)

1. The first thing you do is to wash your hands with moisturisng soup, rince with clean water, and wipe with a clean kitchen towel. Before proceeding to the next item.
2. Cut the cow tail in your desired size, wash it with salt, add in a clean sauce pan, add seasoning cube, pepper, salt, goat meat seasoning, onion, little water to steaming.
3. Set a heat, place the pan on heat, allow for 5-10minutes or less than that.
4. As soon as its cooked bring it down and sieve out the broth.
5. Add potash into a clean mortar, add little broth of your cow tail to the akawu so as to dissolve, stir very well till its well dissolved.
6. Place a pan on heat, add palm oil to the pan, immediately add the potash or ngu mixture (well sieved), stir with a wooden spatula, notice something, the oil will then turn into yellow.
7. Keep stirring till the oil turns into yellow.
8. Add the grounded cray fish, native nutmeg, and much pepper, stir properly.
9. Add the well cooked cow tail to
the palm oil paste and stir very well with the wooden spatula.
10. Place the pan back on the heat,
till the Nkwobi is
hot, ensure to stir it from times to time to make
sure it does not get burnt.

1. Slice one full
onions in a circular shape, slice the
utazi leaf into long thin slices.
2. Serve the Nkwobi in a wooden
mortar.(well hipped).
3. Add the thin slices of utazi and
onion rings on top of the Nkwobi. To give it a fancy and attractI’ve look.

Best Served With
i. Chill palm wine
ii. Soft drinks and any other drinks of your choice.


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