Healthy Eating Tips


As a Christian, you have got to give the utmost priority and attention to the study of God’s word. God has made you spiritual giant, but until you give yourself wholly to the studying and meditating on the word, you will live far below your potential.


The rainny season is here again, with cold weather, that gives way to certain disease conditions.
This time of the year is when we always experience an outbreak of cough, catarrh, asthma, fever.
Cold weather can lower body temperature, which makes blood and other body fluids thicker and reduce their circulation.
It is during this time of the year that infants are badly hit by cold, due to their weak immune system, while those with sickle cell anemia do not enjoy best of health.
However, the only antidote to cold weather and its negative effects on human health and well being is food that fight cold related disease condition.

Here I Present To You Seven Foods That Fight Cold
1. CARROT: it is an edible root vegetable noted for its outstanding nutritional and medicinal values. As vegetable with fat soluble substance, carrots eliminate cold from the body and improve long term cough. It also increase immunity, boost blood count.
2. CHILI PEPPER: is known as a spice that heats the body effectively.
Chilli pepper chases cold out of the body faster than any other food. This is why the quantity of pepper in foods is increased in western part of Nigeria, during cold weather. This pepper also stimulates immunity, metabolism and promote better blood circulation. Chilli pepper is rich in vitamins A and C.
3. DATES: is the greatest generator of body warmth, and this makes it potent food to fight cold. Dates contain several essential nutrients including potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, B and iron.
4. GARLIC AND ONIONS: These vegetables work better when combined as additive to foods and drinks to fight colds, cough and asthma. Garlic and Onions warm the body and promotes better circulation of the blood.
5. GINGER: is a spice with long history in terms of its versatility in protecting the body against cold and its negative effects.
Whether used as tea or spice in soups, ginger is a great warming food valuable during cold.
6. RAW HONEY: honey is the key to heating up the body to achieve optimum temperature during cold weather inorder to ensure health and well being.
Raw honey contains mainly simple sugars, which is transported by blood stream to liver and muscles , where they are stored as gylcogen, then later transformed into heat and energy.
7. SWEET POTATO: it is a powerful vegetable that makes the body to be warm. This is why sweet potato is called protector of infants who are more prown to cold. It is rich in fibre vitamin A, C, B6, protein and minerals.
Sweet potato, which is edible in raw and cooked forms has proved highly potent in fighting cold and associated diseases, such as, asthma and lung inflammation.

This is where the curtains fall for today.

Happy New Month.
Think Healthy And Eat Healthy.


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