God is call a love God, that is why He sent His only Son on our Behalf. The same way He loves us, He wants us to extend that same love to our neighbours and friends.

In today’s post, i will be teaching on how take “Coconut and Banana Drink”

i. Blender/grater
ii. Wooden spoon
iii. Serving Glass
iv. Bowl

i. Coconut
ii. Banana
iii. 1 tin milk
iv. Water to extract milk from the coconut
v. Sugar optional
vi. Nut milk
vii. Ice cubes

1. Pour one tin of milk inside a clean bowl, (depending on the quantity of the drink).
2. Add a pinch of nut milk into the bowl.
3. Break open the coconut, wash it and get your electronic blended (hard one) to blend the coconut. (you can as well use the Manuel process which is grating.
4. After that use warm or cold water to wash the blended coconut, separate the shaft from the milk and set aside.
5. Wash Blend or grate the banana.
6. Pour the well blended banana into the bowl mix properly everything, with your wooden spoon.
7. Sieve the mixture and set aside.
8. Add ice cubes to the drink so as to make it chill, then serve it.

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