it is important we give ears to Him which has called us out.

Today’s post is one of the easiest and simple post. Groundnut oil rice is eaten in Nigeria by almost all, and it is easy to prepare.

i. Rice
ii. Groundnut oil
iii. Smoked fish
iv. Seasoning cube
v. Salt
vi. Pepper
vii. Onion
viii. Crayfish
ix. Scent leaf

1. WASH YOUR rice with salt so as to reduce some starchy content.
2. Add it in a pan, add water, set a heat and place the pan on heat for 5minutes, after that you re-wash the rice again.
3. Add the grinded, crayfish, pepper, salt to taste, seasoning cube also to taste, onion, add the smoked fish and a little quantity of water, stir properly and place the pan on heat, allow for 5minutes.
4. Add the oil and stir, cover for it to simmer for 3minutes or more before adding the scent leaf as the last thing, and allow for extra 1-2minutes.
Ensure that the rice is soft enough and that all recipes are to taste. Then you can now bring it down and serve hot.


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