Fruit Drinks


make prayer your daily habit, a prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian. So make prayer a continuous habit.

Milk Shake is easy to make only if you follow the steps and tips orderly, and it plays tricks as well so its left for you to follow the steps appropriately.

Milk shake is one of the
easiest frozen treats that you make. It can be a dessert or a beverage and can
be made in an infinite number
of flavour combination.

2 cups ice cream
2tin milk or powder milk
1/2 table spoon full vanilla flavour


1. Add all the recipes in the blender, Cover and blend till it becomes smooth and
thick. Be mindful of the quantity of the vanilla, ensure it corresponds with the quantity of the milk shake you are to use. Excessive mixing
will cause it to turn thin and
2. Pour the shake into glasses, garnish with any fruit of your choice.
Serve chill

* you can pour the well blended milk shake into a Fruit jug and serve, while serving it add the fruits of your choice for ganishing.
* strawberry can also be used as a fruit for garishing the milk shake (It is my recommendation)


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