Ephesians 1:3 says that ” blessed be the God and Father or our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.
This means that all things are yours, therefore refuse to settle for a lower life than what Christ has made available to you.

Todays post is on the topic “How To Cook Coleslaw Salad”
we have different types of salad, such as, Coleslaw salad, Royal ranch pasta salad, e.t.c. i will be treating on “Coleslaw Salad” for today, in our subsequent posts i will talk about others.

i. Cabbage
ii. Carrot
iii. Sweet corn
iv. Condence milk
v. Mayonnaise
vi. White vinegar
vii. Green pepper (optional)

1. First is to wash your hands thoroughly with moisturising soap and clean water, wipe your hands with hand towel.
2. Defoliate and wash the cabbage with salt and clean water to avoid sand, then shred it to your desired shape.
3. Scrape the carrot wash and then shred it also to your desire shape and set aside.
4. Remove the sweet corn from the can used in preserving it, wash it with clean water and set aside in a clean bowl.
5. Get a clean big bowl, add the cabbage, carrot and the white vinegar(small quantity), mix properly before adding the sweet corn and the green pepper (if you desire). Stir properly till all the recipes are well mixed.
6. Add the mayonnaise and the condence milk mixture to the well mixed salad and then mix all recipes properly together for it to be properly mixed.
Serve Chill.
Happy Cooking!

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Here is how to combine the mayonnaise and condence milk to form salad cream, if there is none.

N/B: get a bowl, add the mayonnaise and condence milk together, mix properly till the mixture turns into salad cream texture.

All comments and feed backs are welcome.
Happy week-end ahead


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