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Welcome back to Our food segment, today i will be discussing on “Recipes and Procedures Of Egusi Stew”.

i. Egusi
ii. Assorted meat
iii. Fresh pepper
iv. Onion
v. Vegetable oil
vi. Cow skin
vii. Crayfish 2table spoon
viii. Dry/fresh fish
ix. Tomato (tin and fresh one)
x. Seasoning
xi. Green leaf
xii. Liver (optional)
xiii. Salt
xiv. Water to cook

1. Wash the meat and cow skin, very well with clean water, add into a pan, add all the needed recipes for steaming, place on heat and allow for 10-15minutes.
2. Soak the melon with clean water.
3. Place a sauce pan on heat, add vegetable oil into allow to heat, add a pinch of salt, add the well washed and sliced onion, stir fry for a while.
4. Add the tin-tomato and the well slice fresh pepper, (if you decide to use both fresh and tin tomato, add the tin one first before adding the fresh sliced one), stir fry for 5minutes.
5. Add the soaked melon into the sauce pan bit by bit, and stir fry, add little quantity of water stir and cover for 2-3minutes.
6. Add the crayfish, seasoning cube and salt to taste, dry fish stir and allow.
7. Get another sauce pan fry the well steamed Fish and assorted meat, after that add it into the pan used in preparing the egusi stew allow for another 3minutes. Before adding the green leaf, on a low heat allow for 5minutes for it to simmer.
Bring Down And Serve Hot!

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All Feedback And Comment Are Welcome.
Happy weekend in advance.


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