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A coalition of 14 civil societies under the auspicies of African
Arise for Change has condemn in strong terms false allegations against the Director General of the Nigerian
Agency For Food and Drug Administration (NAFDAC), Dr. Paul
Orhii alleging acts of corruption and financial mismanagement.

The group said their decision to support the anti corruption
fight of the present administration has
thus spurred them to raise the alarm
over fifth columnists who are already positioning to truncate the gains of change.

Speaking for the coalition the
Secretary General Mr. Samson Bellolamented that unfortunately, the plan of such groups are couched to mislead Nigerians into thinking such individuals behind
them are against corruption while the
reverse is the case.

“Chief, among their strategy is to use disgruntled elements within government offices, agencies
and parastatals to pose as whistle
blowers to media house and consequently send operatives of
anti-corruption agencies on wild
goose chase.

The anticipated end
result of this scheme is to overwhelm the EFCC, ICPC and Police FIU with frivolous petitions whose
investigation would spread operatives
thin thereby rendering them
ineffective”. He exposed further.

According to Bello the saboteurs have scored their first hit with their
sponsored group of protesters that on Tuesday staged a march towards
the EFCC headquarters to demand the resignation of the Chairman of the
Commission simply for doing his statutory job and declining to be
engaged for witch hunting.

The group further revealed that the target of the protest was the Director General of NAFDAC, Dr.
Paul Orhii, whom he said despite the
standard to which he has globally raised NAFDAC to as a
reliable regulator of food and drug administration, which has helped
to boost the economyas many now see reasons to rely on made in
Nigeriagoods and

The anti corruption crusaders said their investigation into the
matter revealed that the petitioners’
plank rests on the petition by a whistle blower who only started his crusade of righteousness after
an internal re-organisation moved
him from his erstwhile “juicy”
position in the agency.

The re-organisation was in turn the product of when staffrealized that the celebrated whistleblower has an agenda to a mass
wealth for himself while the DG was been busy working round the clock to improve on the high standard he met at NAFDAC.

“Our greater worry is however about the impact that such
frivolous petition would have on the ability of Nigerians firms to export their
produce at a time the nation is looking to diversifying its
revenue base.
The stories online about the petition have been dispersed
in cyberspace and any search about made in Nigeriagoods will return results that will suggest that the
regulatory framework is corrupt
contrary to the reality on ground.

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