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I welcome you all back to this wonderful segment of “Home/Personal Hygiene” in this segment, i will be discussing on “Why White Cloth Turns Grey When Using Washing Machine (Possible Solution)

The early people used to clean their clothes by pounding them on hard rocks or scrub them with sand and rince it in rivers or lakes.
Then there came the advent of the First washing machine in 1797 and it was called “The Scrub Board”. This invention makes washing to become easier.

1. Most time, people tend to mix white fabric with colored fabric which makes the dye mixed in water and settle on the white cloth.
2. The quality of water: when talking about water quality, am referring to Hard and Soft water. The hard water as we all know contains calcium and magnesium, which makes the detergent inactive, thereby making the white cloth turn grey.
3. Washing fabrics that are heavily soil with dirt in water that has small amount of detergent.

The best way to retain the quality of your white cloth is by washing them separately from colored cloths with hot water of about 100-120 degrees. Also detergent that has a bleach contact or enzymes, should be used. The power of the detergent can be boost by adding a laundry booster such as borax. Inorder to maintain its whiteness
N/B: The cloth should be soak in the hot water, in addition with the enzyme detergent before washing.

Another way to maintain the quality of white cloth is by reducing its hardness (the level of iron in the water).

What i mean here is, adding a softener to the water before washing.
It is very neccessary to add a softener product, such as Vinegar before washing and before rinsing, since new water is added in each process. The quantity to be added should be about 50ml-100ml.

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