Foodie Update


Miss Yemisi Olowookere, a
Nutritionist at the Garki Hospital, Abuja,
on Thursday advised Nigerians on the moderate intake of coffee, saying its dangers outweighed its benefits.

Olowokere told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that a small
amount of caffeine may have positive effects like boosting
energy and alertness.
According to her, caffeine can be
found in some drinks such as coffee, tea, cola drinks, energy drinks, chocolate bars and chocolate drinks.

If you have moderate to high levels of caffeine, you can build up a tolerance.

This means you will
need more caffeine to give you the same

Also, if you have a high caffeine level, you may feel withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, tiredness, anxiety and irritability if you
stop having caffeine.

In large amounts, it can make you feel nervous, restless and
make sleeping well harder,” the
nutritionist said.

She also said that caffeine was a stimulant that worked on the
brain and the nervous system, adding that caffeine could affect people
differently and it depended on the amount of intake.

Olowookere said that
researchers were also looking at the potential adverse effects of caffeine on the heart and bone health as well as
behaviour, cancer risk and fertility.
“For coffee drinkers, the real issue we are concerned about is
if you have trouble sleeping, one needs
to cut down on your caffeine.

If one is agitated or a person has high blood pressure, it is
advisable to cut back on caffeine intake.

If an individual is stressed or
has symptoms that can be
related to
caffeine, then maybe such an individual needs to reduce
intake,” she said.

According to the nutritionist, there are assumptions that
decaffeinated means that there is no caffeine in the food or beverage, which, she says is untrue.


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