Todays message says ” Two Ways To Give Him (God) Glory” and the scripture is taken from the book of Romans 4:20 which goes by saying, He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God.
There are two major ways of giving glory to God. The first one is to testify. And how do you testify.

Back to the main subject of the day, today am discussing on “Cake Making Part 2” which is on Cake Presentations and Colour Interpretations. Sit back as i go into details.

Like i said earlier, cake is an Elaborate process, so you need to start from the scratch if you want to become a good baker. There are things you need to know in cake baking, which i have promised to take you all from the very beginning. Here we Go.

In Colour interpretation, it is very neccessary for you to know its different colour and what each colour means, so as to help you choose a cake
colour that represents you and sends a message to the people on what your wedding or birthday, means to

N/B: different
colours can have different meanings depending on your
culture, so it depends now on how you use it. Here are list of cake colours and their interpretations.

1. WHITE: white represent, New Beginning, Purity, Holiness, Peace, Kindness, Cleanliness and Completion
2. RED: red represent, The Blood Of Jesus, Passion, Love, Action, Confidence, Energy, Warmth, Strength, Speed, Vitality and Determination
3. PINK: Pink represent, Romance, Beauty, Soft, Sweet, Feminine, peace and Love
4. GREEN: Green represent, Live, Fertility, Fruitfulness, Growth, Well Being, Self Respect, Nature, Calm, Health, Honest and Jealousy
5. GOLD: Gold represents, Prosperity, Wealth, Good Luck, Wisdom, Success and Life.
6. GRAY: Gray represent, Maturity, Security and Balance
7. PURPLE: Purple represent, Royal, Spirituality, Peace Of Mind, Power, Transformation, Mystery, Nobility and Fantasy
8. BLUE: Blue represent, Trust, Honour, Productivity, Devotion and Glory Of God
9. BROWN: Brown represent, Connection, Friendship, Simplicity, Dependability, Health and Steadfastness
10. ORANGE: Orange represent, Endurance, Increase, Creativity, Enthusiasm and Cheerfulness
11. YELLOW: Yellow represent, Sunshine, Clarity, Joy, Happiness, Brightness, Creative, Intellectual and Hope.
These are the most used colour when designing cakes.

when you are called out to come and present the cake (it must not be that you are the one that baked the cake before you have to be called out to come and present it). This are what you shouldn’t forget to do.
1. Introduce Yourself
2. Unveil The Cake In The Name Of The Father And The Son And The Holy Spirit. Then Amen
3. Call A Man Of God To Pray And Bless The Cake For The Celebrant.
4. Talk About The Cake Colour And What They Represent And The Thias (Steps)
5. Call For Appreciation
6. Invite The Celebrant To Step Forward As They Cut The Cake.
Good Luck In Your Cake Baking. We Will Continue From Part 3 On Our Next Post.
Happy Weekend In Advance.

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