Romans 5:1 says, “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” what this verse means is that, there is no war or enmity between you and God.

Today’s post Cake Icing, is the concluding part of How to make/bake cake part 4.

In Cake Icing, there are three types of cake icing. Namely
1. Fondant Icing (Rolling)
2. Royal Icing (mixture of icing and egg white)
3. Butter Icing (the mixture of butter and icing)

* Fondant Board
* Fondant Cutter
* Rolling Pin
* Pizza Cutter or Knife
* Stainless Bowl
* Sieve (for sieving the icing sugar)
* Piping Set/Nozzle (for write ups)
*Pastry Brush
* Cleaning Pad
* Cake Smoother
* Measurement Tape

1. Icing Sugar
2. Liquid Glucose (for making the gum paste)
3. Gelatine
4. Corn flour
5. Water
6. Colour of your choice
7. C.M.C (Carboxyl methyl cellulose)
8. Glycerine ( preservative)

1. Sieve the icing sugar into a clean stainless bowl.
2. Add water into a clean pan, add hipped table spoon of gelatine and then shake the pan gently, when the gelatine dissolves place the pan on heat, add the liquid glucose, shake very well and allow on heat for 5-8minutes.
3. In a clean bowl add the well dissolved gelatine and liquid glucose, sieve the icing sugar and add it bit by bit, mix it very well using you palm to knead it.
4. Get your fondant board, add the icing sugar on the board and place the mixture on the board and mix very well.
5. Make a hole at the centre of your icing sugar mixture, pour the C.M.C at the middle by sprinkling it (it should be moderate).
6. Use corn flour to dust the board or your icing sugar, then place the well mixed fondant on the dusted board, use the rolling pin to roll the fondant, then use the pizza cutter to cut the fondant in a shape that matches with the cake you bake and roll gently.
7. Use the cleaning pad to clean the shaped fondant and roll again gently. Use the designed rolling pin to roll on it now, so as to bring out the design you want.

* Add your butter into a bowl and then add some icing sugar and then mix properly.
* Bring your cake board, rub the butter icing in the middle of the board.
* Turn your cake upside down and place on the board
* rub the butter icing on the body of the cake.
* cover your cake with the fondant icing, after you might have flatten the icing, use any design cutter then cover it.

To write on the cake, this is where royal icing comes in to play. Break the egg and remove the yolk and set aside, use the whitish side which is the embreyo, mix with icing sugar then add any colour of your choice and mix it very well, then pour it into the piping pen or bag and press to write anything you wish to write.

N/B: Fondant and butter icing is not an independent cake icing method, they some how depend on Royal icing, interms of cake designing.
* while royal icing can stand on its’ own which makes it independent.
* if you wish to add or Change the colour from white add the colour before adding the C.M.C


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