Naija Foodie Update

Foodie Naija Update (20-year-old graduate farmer plans to feed Nigeria)

At a time when people in his age
group are roaming the streets in
search of white collar jobs, 20- year-old Haruna Hassan Tukur is thinking of how he can produce enough food from his farm in
Kebbi State to feed all Nigerians.

Although the farm is taking shape, Tukur, who just graduated from a University in Dubai, has set a
target for himself: to be able to produce enough food from the farm to feed Nigerians and
export the excess.
In this interview, Tukur speaks on why Nigerian youth must
wake up from slumber and do something to create jobs instead of waiting for government jobs.

What is your name?
My name is Haruna Hassan Tukur, the Chief Executive Officer of Havas
Farms, Kebbi State.

How did you come about the idea of running a farm instead of being in
the university or doing something else?
I am a graduate of Accounting and Finance from Heriot-Watt University
Dubai. I have a passion for farming to produce enough food for the nation and to help the people of my community. By so doing, I will be
helping to boost the local economy by creating jobs
instead of waiting
for job from the government as
most Nigerian youths are doing.

Who influenced your thinking?
I can describe Usman Dantata, who owns Anadaria farms as my
mentor in this case. He is a relation of the
popular Dantata in Kaduna and he
motivated me to go into agriculture. I was motivated to
venture into farming after seeing what he
had done in that sector of the
Nigerian economy. That was why I told my family members that I wanted to go
into farming as soon as I returned from my university education in Dubai.
At the initial stage most people in
my family were just wondering why a fresh graduate of accounting would be talking about farming
instead of banking or something in that
direction. I made it clear to all that I wanted to do something that
would benefit others from the outset.

I have an undying passion for farming and no one can
persuade me to
leave it for anything else. That explained why I had to relocate
from the comfort of my family in Abuja to Kebbi to work on my
farm project in a bid to prove my critics
wrong. So far I can say that all is going
as planned.

Now the question to ask is where are you getting the money
to do farming?
Well my mother started supporting me to an extent but I
want to grow what I am doing because I have seen that it is something that can
help Nigeria. It is something that can
help my people. That is why I am going into full mechanised
farming because the large expanse of land
that we are cultivating cannot be
covered manually.
We need all the mechanised tools
to produce food on a commercial basis so that we can have enough for local consumption and export.
We are doing our best to break away
from the traditional farming methods that
cannot take us to anywhere in this country.

What is the worth of your farm in terms on Naira and Kobo and what are you expecting from the farm for instance over time?
Well the hectare of land that I have planted with soya beans, I am expecting N8 million at the end
of three months.
Isn’t that too ambitious?
Well you can say that but from what I have invested and from
the way things are going and I have had
other professionals come into my farm
and they have actually made an
estimate of what I am about to get so
that is where I got my figure.

So what is the farm worth really?
We don’t want to put any value on the 23 hectare farmland we
are cultivating but we can only ask
Nigerians to watch out for us in the
next few months and years. So, I have sunk in over N1.5 million
into the farm and we are still putting in more to move it to the level we want it to attain in the shortest possible time. We are currently concentrating on Soya beans and fish farming. We hope to add more crops and services.

How old is your farm?
My farm started early this year as I told I am a fresh graduate and I decided to venture into

So tell me about yourself?
I am going to start from my grandparents. My grandfather from my mother’s side is the late Senator Balatafida Iyawore and my grandfather from my father’s side is the late Royal
Highness Mohammed
Tukur of Iyawore and my father was the late Hassan Tukur and
my mother is the Honourable Halima Tukur.
My first sister, Zaniab, is a lawyer and I have a brother called

How old are you?
I am 20 years old.

So how do you see yourself in the farming business in the next decade?
God willing in the next 10 years I
see myself as one of the most successful Nigerian farmers
because I intend to feed the nation as
well as export in order for us to
grow our GDP.


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