in every situation you find yourself do not accommodate or welcome any fear into your spirit, because Christ didn’t have the spirit of fear in Him that’s why He was able to conquer the world. Therefore grow your spirit not to attain fear.

In today’s post i will be discussing on “How To Prepare Spanish Omelette”

In Spanish, this dish is called
tortilla de patatas or tortilla española.

i. Non-stick Fry pan
ii. Frying spoon
iii. Deep wooden spoon
iv. Hand cloves
v. Apron/head vail

i. Fresh Egg
ii. Vegetable oil
iii. Green Pepper
iv. Green peas
v. Carrot
vi. Vegetable flavour
vii. Salt
viii. Seasoning cube
ix. White Pepper
x. Onions
xi. Curry powder
xii. Thyme
xiii. Cabbage
xiv. Garlic
xv. Chilli powder
xvi. Tumeric
xvii. Ginger

1. First thing you do is to get a clean washing hand basin or bowl, add water to it, get a moisturising soap to wash you hands clean, then wipe your hands with a clean kitchen towel.
2. Put on you apron, hand cloves and put on your head vail.
3. Wash the carrot with salt and rinse with clean water, scrape the body of the carrot, cut into tiny cubbed shape.
4. Wash the green peas, green pepper and cut into tiny shapes.
5. Defoliate the cabbage, wash with salt and clean water, slice in cubbed shape.
6. Wash and defoliate the onion then dice or shred it. Wash and scrape the ginger, defoliate and wash the garlic, blend them together and set aside in a clean bowl.
7. Wash the eggs, break into a small bowl before turning it into another clean bowl so as to avoid mixing bad ones with good ones, after that add the recipes such as the, white pepper or pepper of your choice, carrot, green peas, green pepper, chilli powder, curry powder, little quantity of tumeric, well blended ginger and garlic, vegetable flavour, cabbage, salt and seasoning cube to taste, thyme or herb and the minced onions, stir properly for a proper mixture.
8. Place your clean non-stick fry pan on heat, add little quantity of vegetable oil to grease the pan (e.g. You can use your hands to rub the oil round the pan), allow to heat for some seconds.
9. Get a deep wooden spoon to scoop in the texture bit by bit into the hot pan, then allow for 1-2 minutes, before using you frying spoon to turn it upside down so as the other side be well Fried, allow for another 1-2 minutes. You can now remove it from the pan and add it in a clean serving plate. Do the same to others till you are done frying all the omelette texture.

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