Naija Foodie Update

Foodie Naija Update (Price of Food Stuff Soars in Kosubosu)

Price of food items has gone up by 100 percent in major markets across border communities in Baruten Local Government Area
of Kwara, a
survey by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), has shown.

The survey indicates that the border area, referred to as a food hub in the state, has witnessed a rapid rise in the price of the commodities within the last two

For instance, a 100-kilogramme bag of yam flour which was sold for N18, 000 before is now N38,
000, while a 50-kilogramme bag
of corn and guinea corn has risen from N5,500 to N10, 000.
A bag of rice which was also sold for between N6,000 and 6,800 now sells for between N7,000 and
N8,000, depending on the brand and the

Meanwhile, a consumer at Shiya
Market in Kosubosu, Mrs Halimat Sabi,
expressed concern about the soaring prices of food stuff,
especially when many people could not to afford to buy.

But a food vendor at Okuta Market, Kosubosu, Mr Sulaiman Yaru, told
NAN said the development arose
from the fact that that farmers were running out of their last harvest.

“Most farmers are out of their stock now, until we have a new
harvest, things might continue this way”,
he said.
According to him, demand for food items across the markets is greater
than the rate of supply.

He, however, noted that farmers would begin new harvest in the next few months and that would have
a great effect on the price of the items.

“This price we are talking about will soon come down because farmers would start harvesting for this
year again,” he said.


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