Naija Foodie Update


Ordinary life may constantly present to us many hardships,
challenges, problems, and undesirable issues (as well as joys and positive
The comforts of good food, a good home, and a good family life are the ordinary means of retirement from each day’s
work and social experiences.

If you could invent or find a moodometer to measure your
mood, you may
find a depression in mood when hungry and tired and an
elevation in mood after eating a meal that is good, nice, and delicious.
The human mind of a person in a civil society requires an ability to keep its balance or to keep
balancing itself throughout a life
of mental bombardments.

Many factors make up a fit mind and the chief amongst these factors may be
good nutrition of the brain, regular use
of the brain in thinking, and
regular use of the mind in prayer.
Nutrition of the brain may be ultimate as the living brain is
what makes thinking and prayer possible.
However, a biologically alive brain does not always make a good
mind without regular and effective exercise of thought and prayer.
Food that yields good nutrition is important.

What a person eats
or doesn’t eat can help him or her
remain mentally balanced or can
make him mentally unbalanced.“A
hungry man is an angry man”
says an English
proverb. Can food and eating habits run us psychotic,
depressive, or
manic? Bloody uprisings and
revolutions arise from hungry people
exploding against real or perceived oppressors. Women
know that one of
the easiest ways to a man’s heart or wallet is his stomach.
A man will think positively towards you if you feed him well.

Research show that
nearly two thirds of those who do not
report daily mental health problems eat fresh fruit or fruit
juice every day, compared with less
than half of those who do report daily
mental health problems. This
pattern is similar for fresh vegetables and salad.
Those who report
some level of mental health problem also
eat fewer healthy foods (fresh
fruit and vegetables, organic foods and
meals made from scratch) and more unhealthy foods (chips and crisps, chocolate, ready meals and takeaways).”

Now all these foods are good to some extent but the
proportion or frequency in which they are consumed is what matters for
good brain function.
Generally, it may pay us well to eat sufficient proteins,
carbohydrates, and healthy fats with a variety of vegetables and fruits from meal to meal. The
vegetables and fruits provide us with
minerals and vitamins which are
vital for good health.
We do not need numerous varieties of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats except for pleasure but we do
need sufficient quantities of these.

The brain needs proteins and fats from the meat, fish, milk, and vegetables that we consume in
order to preserve brain tissues, as well
as energy from the
carbohydrates we consume in order to fuel brain activities. Many of the hormonal
and chemical players involved in brain function are built from amino acids from the proteins
that we consume.

On the other hand, the required minerals and vitamins are
numerous but are only needed in minute amounts. Eating a variety of
fruits and vegetables from day to day allows us to get a little bit of the various vitamins and minerals every now and then.
WebMD tells us how some of these nutrients help the brain.
“People with low B12 levels have more brain inflammation and higher rates of depression and

Falling short on folate
has long been linked to low moods.”
“Too little iron in the blood (iron-deficiency anemia) has been linked to depression.”
“Omega-3….fatty acids improve thinking and memory and, possibly, mood.”
“Zinchelps control the body’s response to stress. Low levels
can cause depression”.
“Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel provide omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin B12, zinc, selenium and other brain boosters.”


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