“THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU” Romans 15:4, and it says For what so ever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. Therefore, be positive about life, and walk with a sanctified mind.

Todays’ teaching is on “How To Cook Coco-Yam Soup”

i. Coco-Yam
ii. Meat Of Your Choice
iii. Fish (Dry)
iv. Palm Oil
v. Fresh Pepper
vi. Seasoning Cube
vii. Salt
viii. Stock fish
ix. Cray Fish
x. Iru
xi. Bitter Leaf

1. Prepare the Meat, wash very well and add into a clean sauce pan alongside the well cut dry fish and stock fish, add the seasonings such as, the blended fresh pepper, salt a pinch, seasoning cube, place on heat and allow to be well cooked.
2. Peel and wash the coco-yam very well to avoid sand, and rinse it with another clean water, place on another sauce pan, add water and allow to cook.
3. Bring down the coco-yam and get you mortar and pistle or a grinding machine, add the coco-yam into it and pound it with a little oil, pound till it becomes smooth.
4. Add the palm oil, into the steamed recipes, now add the pounded coco-yam and the iru. allow to simmer.
5. As it simmers, add the bitter leaf, crayfish, seasoning cube and salt to taste and pepper. Allow on heat till the pounded coco-yam is completely dissolved stir it, and allow.
6. While the soup is thicken lightly. It is ready for serving.
Serve with any swallow of your choice.

N/B: Before adding the bitter leaf, ensure it is well washed, by adding it into a sauce pan with a little quantity of potash to enable the bitterness wash away, after that sieve it out and re-cut or re-slice it before using it.


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