Naija Foodie Update

Foodie Naija Update (Nigerian Consumers Can Now Have Their Say)

A consumer review platform,, has been launched in Abuja.
The platformprovides a forum for users of services and products in Nigeria to review and share their
experiences online.

The CEO of Peach
Communications, Julius Ogunro, said the idea behind the web platform was to give Nigerian consumers power by
having their voices heard on the quality of goods and services offered in the country.

“We want consumers to exercise more powers over their
shopping experience, believing that that
will make providers of services take
them more seriously if they know that the consumer can easily
share his or her experience online,
which may affect how other potential
consumers perceive that outfit,” he said.

“I hear a lot of stories from my friends, associates and family
members about the quality of services offered in the country.

Some are very pleased with a particular kind of food, or a service
provided by a restaurant, airline or bank, so much so that they cannot wait to
share that experience with others.

“Others don’t have such a pleasant experience and
complain and grumble but feel powerless to do
anything about it.
“With, there is now a comprehensive platform for a
conversation about services and products offered in Nigeria.

The website is easy to use and the
content is user-generated.”
The platform, according to the
promoter, will be useful to consumers
by providing rich and reliable information about services
provided by the government and companies in all sectors, including: financial services, food and beverages,
airlines, telecoms, schools, religious
organisations, NGOs, media, hotels, as well as reviews on
promos, events, shows and competitions.

“This rich database of
information will help consumers make better choices about who, where and
what to patronize as well as put providers of services on their
toes,” he said.


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