Foodie Naija Update

Foodie Naija Update NIMET Warns Against Food Crisis, Health Challenges, Disaster During Dry Season

The Nigerian Meteorological
Agency (NiMet) has warned that the effect of the El Nino
conditions associated with the current dry season will have
impact on food production and
health and disaster management.

This is contained in NiMet’s Dry Season Weather update by its Public Relations Unit on Friday in
NiMet explained that the expected physical and biological
changes in oceans in El Nino conditions would affect fish
species, distribution,
composition and abundance.

It added that fish species that thrived in deep tropical waters were predicted to move farther inwards, while cold water
species would move into deeper water as coastal waters became shallow and warmer.

According to NiMet, fishes that remain in affected region are
expected to experience reduced
growth, reproduction, and
survival thus leading to reduction in fish production and harvesting during the period under focus.

It added that fisher men were expected to have a harvest of
good catches due to reduction in river volume and flow of the river.


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