Naija Foodie Update

Foodie Naija Update (Don Urges Nigeria To Learn From Israel’s Leadership Style, Agriculture, Technology)

Nigeria has been urged to learn from Israel’s type of leadership, agriculture and technology in order to achieve the desired rapid development.

Prof. David Alabi, lecturer in Political Science and Defence Studies, Nigeria Defence Academy, Kaduna, gave this advice during interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Abuja on Sunday.

He stressed that without good
leadership, all efforts at development
might be in vain.
Alabi’s suggestion came after performing Christian holy pilgrimage to Israel. He attributed Israel’s success in transforming its desert land into
agricultural land as well as being an exporter of food to patriotic, dedicated and committed
leadership, describing the feat as

“This is virtually a desert; Arabian desert, yet they were able to plant their forest, grow their food to the extent that they export food; I think it is phenomenal.
Their level of technological
advancement is so high when you look at their environment, the topography and how they were able to develop these places.

“Their architectural designs, how they were able to plant trees and create a very beautiful environment, are also very commendable
“Over the years, they have been able to remodel and rebuild and refurbish many of them and make them look attractive and inviting to people.’’

According to Alabi, with the right
leadership, to harness God’s enormous endowment, Nigeria
can equally be transformed.
“Nigeria is an immensely endowed country; virtually all mineral resources are in Nigeria and if we have all these things and the leadership is not there to harness them, nothing will work.

“There is no reason why Nigeria should be importing food. If our leaders have the political will; we should be able to feed ourselves as well as be an exporter of food.
“We need to have patriotic, dedicated and committed leadership; that is the first lesson; you cannot commit crime and go scotch-free.

“I remember that a former Israeli prime minister was jailed after leaving office and a former Israeli
ambassador who went into politics
without first closing a foreign account that he operated, was
forced to resign.
“This shows that there is rule of law and that they respect their laws.’’

On technological development, the professor underscored the
importance of providing research institutes and other tertiary institutions
with relevant equipment and
adequate funding to make them functional.
While advising Nigerians to be
patriotic and hold their leaders
accountable, he called for value re-orientation.

On the ongoing campaign against corruption, Alabi said: “If somebody steals, it should not be seen from the perspective of ethnic consideration.
“There should be nationalistic feelings and preparedness to
ensure that laws are respected.’’

Furthermore, he advised parents to nurture their children properly and inculcate in them good virtues of
honesty, integrity and hard work.


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