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1:19). Then Colossians 2:9 also lets us know that in Him (Jesus) dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily. So, if you’ve seen Jesus, you’ve seen the Father also.

Todays’ post is on “How To Cook Ora Soup”

Ora Soup is originated from the South Eastern Region. Its a delicacy prepared without Two main recipes such as Ora leave and Cocoyam, aside the normal cooking recipes.

i. Vegetable (Ora Leaf)
ii. Coco-Yam
iii. Palm Oil (3 cooking spoons)
iv. Assorted Beef (such as, Shaki, Round about etc)
v. Assorted Fish
vi. Chilli Pepper
vii. Salt
viii. Cray Fish (grinded)
ix. Seasoning Cube
x. Onion (For Steaming)

1. Peel and wash the coco yam, add in a sauce pan and add water into the pan, set a haet and place on a low heat.
2. Remove the coco yam from heat when its well cooked, get ready the mortar and pestle for pounding. Pound the corms to smooth paste.
3. Cut the Ora leaves into tiny pieces, using your finger tips. (Finger tips is used instead of knife, to prevent the leave from becoming dark in colour).
4. Cut in medium size the assorted beef, shaki, wash and add into another clean pan, add, seasoning cube, pepper and salt to taste, add onion and a cup or two cups of water, place on heat and allow for 3minutes, before adding the assorted fish and stock fish.
5. Continue cooking the recipes for another 5minutes, then check to know if the pepper, salt and seasoning cube are to taste, if they are not add more of them to taste and cover it for 2seconds.
6. Add cray fish and cook for few minutes, add the coco yam paste small lumps and the palm oil together and cover the pan to cook on high heat, untill the coco yam lumps are well dissolved.
7. Add the Ora leave and allow to cook for about 5minutes.
Then bring it down. The Soup Is Ready To Be Served.

N/B: You can add more water if you think the soup is too thick.
* Ensure to wash the Ora leave before using it to cook.
* Remember not to use Knife when cutting the Ora leaf, to avoid it from being dark in colour.


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