Naija Foodie Update

Foodie Naija Update (Online Food Delivery Company Partners With Pulse Ady Ads)

Another leading online service
provider has joined Pulse Ady Ads today as an endorsed
partner by Rocket Internet’s market dominating
online food ordering platform,
Hellofood, will be available to Pulse’s readers for easy and
convenient food order and delivering, while they are
browsing the latest news.

Hellofood is providing a service to residents of Lagos and Abuja vastly improving their quality life. With the fast paced lifestyle
and heavy traffic in these two metropolitan areas, it is often a struggle to make time for cooking dinner or picking up lunch at work.

Hellofood is the answer to this
struggle, enabling mothers to order dinner while being stuck in traffic on their way home from work, or helping career men and women easily order
lunch from the office while chasing that crucial deadline
leading to a promotion.

Or what about those times when you and they guys are
watching a crucial match going into extra time and your
stomachs are rumbling? It could
also just be that you are having a quiet day at home with the
family and want to spend some quality time rather than buying groceries and cooking.

With Hellofood it is easy to order food from your favourite
restaurant at the same price. The intuitive homepage and high quality app makes ordering food online to your
doorstep effortless, and you can always find what you feel like, be it Nigerian, Italian, Chinese or
any other food you can imagine.

“Having Hellofood join Pulse Ady Ads is a great win for Pulse’s readers, who can now order food online wherever they are. Having a busy schedule myself, I
am already a happy user of Hellofood.

The fact that I can
have whatever I want, whenever I want, during or after a long workday, is simply brilliant. This is certainly a service I can recommend to all
of our readers.” says
Christopher Bjergmose, Ringier.

About the partnership
Guillaume Leblond, MD of Hellofood Nigeria, says “We are
happy to partner with Pulse and shorten even more the distance between Nigerians and their
food! hellofood places your food a few clicks away and
improves on delivery standards and timing.

We will partner with
Pulse and Ady to push deals and new food options to more and
more people”


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