Naija Foodie Update


MINISTER of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu has said the commitment of President Muhammadu Buhari
towards diversifying the nation’s economy will make Nigeria an
economic hub of the continent in the next 10 years.

Playing host to the Managing Director of United Nations
Industrial Development
Organisation (UNIDO) Pro­gramme Development and
Technical Cooperation Division, Philippe Scholtes, in Abuja at the weekend, the minister said the
ministry was committed to use
science and technology to save
the nation by growing its economy.

Onu thanked UNIDO for its contributions globally and in Nigeria with the partnership to grow energy and agro business.

He appealed to UNIDO to increase its efforts as well towards boosting agriculture to ensure food security in the country.

The minister specified that UNIDO’s involvement in food protection will not only lift farmers out of poverty but will
tame rural-urban migration.

“We will be very happy if you could add food security because you will touch more persons and would be able to lift more persons out of poverty in Nigeria,” he said.

Earlier, Scholtes told the minister that UNIDO has earmarked $2.6 billion for the development of
Small Hydro Power (SHP) plants in
Nigeria in line with its mandate to promote, and accelerate inclus­ive and sustainable industrial development in developing countries.

“We obtained funding for $2.6
billion to help us demonstrate the small scale hydro power to powerhouse and factories in places that have not been reached by electricity.

“This project funded by Global Environment Facility funds is meant to help countries address environment issues that can benefit the global communities,” the UNIDO boss stated.


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