God sent a second Adam (Jesus Christ) to defeat Satan and set
up a spiritual kingdom, the lease
on man’s world is still running.
This is why we pray and act by faith to appropriate the blessings that God has already given us. He can’t just step in and put them in your hands. He needs your
permission, your invitation, to intervene on your behalf, because this is man’s world. So,
every time you pray, understand how important it is, because you’re making it “legally” possible for God to intervene in some
ways that He wouldn’t have, had
you not prayed. That’s why He said in His Word (Psalm 115:16) “The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’s: but the earth hath he given to the children of men”.

Welcome to the second month in the year 2016, in today’s post i will be giving out recipes on “How To Make Obe Eja Dindin”. Obe Eja Dindin as the name implies is a delicacy from the South-west and it’s called “Fried Fish Stew” in English. It can be combined with Ewedu soup alongside Amala, Boiled Rice, Okra Soup alongside Pounded Yam, e.t.c

i. Tomatoe Puree (3tbsp)
ii. Fresh Tomatoes (your desired quantity)
iii. 1 Bulb Onion
iv. Vegetable Oil
v. Fresh Chillies
vi. Lemon (For washing)
vii. Curry
viii. Thyme
ix. Seasoning cube
x. Salt
xi. Fish (Big one, cut and cleaned)

1. Clean the fish, cut in medium size and wash it with the lemon.
2. Place in a clean bowl season it with seasoning cube, salt, onion, thyme and curry.
3. Set aside for 10-15 minutes, inorder for it to absorb the seasoning.
4. Set a heat, add a fry pan on medium heat, and add vegetable oil to in, as soon as the oil is hot, start frying the fish, when its well fried you remove and set aside in a clean cooler.
5. Blend the tomato, onion and pepper.
6. Place another pan on heat, add vegetable oil to the pan, and then you fry all the blended recipes, such as the tomato, onion and pepper, allow on heat for 15 minutes, till it is well cooked.
7. Add the tomato puree and add the fried piece of fish into it, simmer for another 15 minutes.
8. Taste to know if the seasoning cube, salt and pepper is to taste, if they are not add them to taste, and allow to simmer for 2minutes.
9. Then remove it from heat and serve it with Boiled Rice, Boiled Plantain, Ewedu Soup alongside Amala, and Yam.


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