Naija Foodie Update


The Lagos State government has reiterated its
determination to encourage primary health centres to
organise food demonstration classes, Deputy Governor Idiat
Oluranti Adebule has said.

She said at the classes, mothers would be taught the
processes of combining local food to enjoy their benefits.

The deputy governor spoke at the inauguration of the State Committee on Food and Nutrition (SCFN).

Represented by the
Permanent Secretary in her office, Michael Dawodu, she said the programme was
based on the importance
government attached to food and nutrition.

The deputy governor said it was regrettable that as
important as food was to human beings, there was
food insecurity, caused by lack of modern farming
techniques, poor distribution system, inadequate storage
technology and facilities, inadequate transportation as well as poor market
information for farmers.

She said to cushion the effect, government was working to improve food sustainability
and nutrition by encouraging farming.

“The government has
acquired 1,084 hectares of land in Osun State for oil
processing, agric-YES and other agricultural purposes, while 500 hectares was acquired in Ogun State for rice
production in addition to 50
hectares in Abuja for arable farming,

”Mrs. Adebule said.
The committee Chairman, Abayomi Kadiri, hoped that
nutrition intervention would add value to
other investments in health, education and poverty reduction.

The representative of the chairperson of the National Committee on Food and Nutrition in Nigeria, Mrs Roselyn Ronke Gabriel, hailed
the government on the inauguration.
saying “It is a good step in the right direction”.


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