Naija Foodie Update


Nigerian kids definitely had one
hell of childhood. Most of them
breached almost all table manners and code of conduct and got away with them.

It isn’t rare to see a
Nigerian child dip his bread inside his tea or lick his fingers and
plate after eating. A lot of adults today, definitely indulged in one of these habits and you’d be
surprised to learn that some of them still secretly indulge in those childhood habits because it is
simply form.

It is Monday and
some of you are probably having a hectic one, so just to lighten the mood,
INFORMATION NIGERIA takes you down memory lane, as we bring you 10 childhood habits you most definitely had
Sing your errand:

just so you don’t forget what you were sent to buy, it was common practise to sing your errand so you don’t forget.
This one was especially applicable to buying drugs at pharmarcies.
Dip bread inside the tea: This was absolutely the best way to eat bread and tea then but now, no
one wants to be caught doing it.

Mix the entire rice and stew before eating Seeing a Nigerian child mix
the rice and the stew together before he/she starts to eat was common

Share the meat and let your elder
Bro/Sis choose first: The rule was the youngest would share the meat and the eldest will choose
but some bullies wouldn’t let their younger ones do the sharing as they are
both the ones to share and pick first.


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